BMW M3 Sub-Frame to Body Reinforcement E46

It is not uncommon for the BMW M3 or other modified E46 chassis vehicles to crack or tear the vehicle body at 4 locations — where the rear sub frame (differential and rear suspension assembly) bolts to the body and trunk floor. All precautions should be taken to prevent this.

This problem is also more likely to occur if the vehicle has oversize tires, is raced or tracked. It’s best to reinforce this weak area before cracks begin. Hard launches or clutch dumps could tear the entire differential and suspension from the vehicle if cracked mounts are left in their relatively weak factory condition.

How to Reinforce BMW M3 / E46 Rear Suspension Mounts

This customer is wisely taking the necessary steps in preventing the cracking problem from developing on his 2003 BMW M3, even before the cracks start. This car has oversize high performance tires and other chassis improvements that would make it a prime candidate for sub frame mount cracking and ultimately a costly failure.


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