2007 Mini Cooper – Cylinder Misfire Diagnosis

Diagnosing a misfire concern on a 2006 MINI COOPER 1.6L using an oscilloscope.

Using the Power Probe Hook for Parasitic Drain Tests

How to Use Pico Math Channel and Deep Measure / Pinpointing Signal Drop-Offs

I’m sharing some features that are provided by pico that can be helpful in pinpointing signal drop offs!

Use a Coolant System Filler (airlift) the Right Way

Here’s a video showing the set up and use of my Schwaben air lift tool. Here we’ll show how to prevent air from entering the system, and properly use this tool.

2011 BMW 528i F10 Lockout

We are diagnosing a no power concern on a 2011 BMW 528i F10 N52T. This video may also be useful in a lockout situation.

Intake Pulse Waveform Analysis Feat

Absolute vs Delta sensors (WPS500 Does Both?)

Showing the difference between an absolute sensor and a delta sensor. Also a quick reminder of how the wps500 enters into “delta” mode.

2015 Mercedes Benz C300 (W205) Auxiliary Battery Fix – in Real Time

How to repair an auxiliary battery, secondary battery, capacitor, voltage regulator. A real time swap video meant to help those that encounter this issue.

Scoping the Cooling System on Any Car in Real Time

Demonstration on how to set up a pressure pulse test in a cooling system. In this real time video I show only how to set up for a cranking waveform, but it’s the same exact thing for a running waveform, only injector aren’t disabled.

2009 Lexus RX350 Head Gasket Leak or Cracked Head Test

Testing for head gasket leak or cracked head, using an oscilloscope.