2005 BMW 325i – Misfire Diagnosis and Repair P0300

I’ve got a quick diagnosis for a misfire on a 2003 BMW 325i. I usually go for the secondary paddle probe, but with these coils it’s just not ideal.

2003 Volvo V70 – Parasitic Drain Diagnostics

I have here an intermittent parasitic drain diagnosis on a 2003 Volvo V70. Part-1, the diagnostic.

2003 Volvo V70 – UPDATE

2008 Mercedes Benz E350 Can Bus Awake-Parasitic Draw Diagnostic

I have here a quick diagnostic for a parasitic draw in an 2008 Mercedes Benz E350. A day is always made easier when you research first as part of your game plan.

2013 Audi A6 No A/C Diagnostics & Repair

Got here a 2013 Audi A6 with no a/c. Watch step by step procedure of diagnosis and repair.

Mercedes W129 600SL Wire Harness Re-Wire

Yet, another deteriorated wire harness on this clean one owner 1995 Mercedes 600SL (SL600) V12 with only 49,000 miles. We replaced the upper engine fuel injection harness, The lower engine harness (Starter, alternator, oil level sender, etc.) We re-wired the main body harness (also called body mounted engine harness) with new air mass meter wire harness connected all the way back to both engine computers, and we rebuilt both throttle actuators.

Mercedes CDI Diesel and Sprinter SCR Problems

I recently observed a factory Mercedes webinar for the complex problem of diagnosing and repairing Mercedes SCR systems for diesel cars and trucks and Mercedes Sprinter vans. We put this knowledge to use today for repairing a 2010 Sprinter van with an SCR problem.

SCR stands for Selective Catalytic Reduction and the vehicles that have it are usually labeled or badged ”BlueTec” It is the environmentally-friendly diesel technology from Mercedes Benz used to reduce emission levels. BlueTec uses Urea or diesel emissions fluid injection into exhaust gas stream in specially designed chambers in the exhaust to reduce emissions, especially NOx (oxides of Nitrogen).

The factory scan tool can be misleading and it is common for technicians to misdiagnose the system and change expensive parts needlessly. This fairly new technology uses the Mercedes SD connect to connect directly to the high-speed chassis CAN network of the vehicle. This allows monitoring of the raw sensor data and non-calculated information for precise diagnosis. The factory Xentry scanner cannot display and process this information the way this specially designed package can. On this vehicle we discovered a slight difference in the NOx sensor readings between the front and rear sensor and this led to diagnosing a faulty front NOx sensor. These sensors are around $600 at the time of this article but this is still way cheaper than if it was misdiagnosed as an SCR failure (currently $3700).

Cold Solder Joint Repair on Mercedes Module

At Autobahn Performance we can sometimes save money and time for our customers by repairing cracked or cold solder joints. Manufactures seem to use too little solder on some joints with high current/heat. The solder tends to crack over time. Our certified mechanics are experienced at repairing these circuits. Here’s an image of a recent circuit repair.

Audi Timing Belt

At Autobahn Performance in Ft. Lauderdale Florida we have done hundreds of timing belt services on Audis. We see some shops replace the belt but neglect to replace the belt tensioner, roller, or water pump. Failure of any of these components can cause the belt to break, causing major internal engine damage. Most Audi engines are interference engines and will break and bend valves if the timing belt breaks. At Autobahn Performance in Oakland Park (north Ft. Lauderdale), we use only high-quality replacement parts and dealer-trained technicians to perform a timing belt service on your vehicle.

Belt replacement intervals change year to year and model to model. The belts are made of rubber and will deteriorate regardless of the miles put on them. It is even worse for a belt to be rarely used than if it were to be used regularly. Timing belts should be replaced every 5 to 8 years, even if the vehicle has low mileage.

Porsche Cayenne Coolant Tee Failure (Plastic)

We are working on a 2008 Porsche Cayenne V8 Turbo. The vehicle developed a coolant leak behind the engine against the firewall. After painstakingly gaining access, we found that a cheaply made plastic coolant tee connector had become brittle and failed. We obtained a parts schematic from Porsche but nothing in the diagram looks like this. This part is probably a Volkswagen part as the Touareg is built on the same platform.

We could install a brass tee with hose barbs on it in place, but will give the dealer more time to produce the correct part. We may find that the part is available only as a hose assembly. We will add the correct part number and a picture of the new part when we find it.

Volkswagen 2.0l TDI Engine BHW Oil Pump / Balance Shaft Modification to Gear Drive Assembly

The VW TDI (Diesel) engine of 2005 is prone to problems with the oil pump assembly. The oil pump that came in the car is chain-driven and the pump also drives the balance shafts that smooths the engine vibrations. VW has updated the balance shaft and oil pump assembly to a gear-driven unit. The chain and chain-tensioner of the original style assembly wears and creates slack, lowering oil pressure. This can eventually break and cause no oil pressure and severe engine damage.

The oil pan needs to be removed to gain access to the assembly. (This also requires lowering of the sub-frame assembly.) The front lower timing cover / crankshaft seal fixture needs to be removed and the factory chain-driven gear pulled off the front snout of the crankshaft with a special puller. Ours came right off with the special puller. We’ve heard of difficulties removing the gear and having it break and needing to be chiseled or cut off. The new crankshaft drive gear needs to be heated to the proper temperature and it will slide right in place. There is no key-way for the drive gear. The balance shaft assembly is timed with a special lock tool. The oil pan and lower timing cover are sealed with sealant only — no gasket. Special VW approved Diesel oil must be used in these engines.