Diagnostic Services


Autobahn Specializes in Computer Diagnostics for Mercedes Benz, BMW and Most European Cars

Late model cars are becoming more and more sophisticated everyday. The old big and bulky mechanical parts are relentlessly being replaced by the tiny and light weight computer chips, that do the same job as the mechanical parts but more efficiently, and they rarely fail. But (and it’s a big but), when they do fail, they require up-to-date factory level diagnostic equipment and specially trained technicians to operate this equipment. And that can leave you at the mercy of your mechanic’s honesty and integrity.

Autobahn Performance has built its reputation on experience, honesty and integrity. That is why we have been recognized as the best European automotive repair shop in Broward County. Autobahn Performance has over 15 different diagnostic computers and scanners, including: Launch X431, Mercedes

BMW Diagnostics

Compact 3, Mercedes SDS, Program Tools PC Retriever, Mongoose BlueLink Scanner, C.A.N. Analyzer, Snap-On Modis, Strategic Tools C.A.N. Breakout Box.

Autobahn also has several lab scopes and even an old Allen Computer Test Center that incorporates a 4 gas analyzer with a true analog ignition scope with distributor-less ignition adapters for many models of vehicles. This machine was over $35,000 new in the 1980’s and we still use it regularly at Autobahn.

Mercedes Diagnostics

We also have two laboratory grade regulated power supplies that can maintain stable regulated voltage on your vehicle during programming. This is important on late model BMW’s as well as other vehicles. If there are voltage fluctuations, spikes, or AC voltage ripple during programming, the data can become irreversibly corrupted, causing multiple control units to fail; this could cost well over $10,000 to correct. Our power supplies can regulate voltage

precisely up to 25 volts and can limit current to any level up to 100 amps. We begin each car’s diagnostic session with a general diagnosis. Then we “drill down” to analyze specific problems. Our Autologic Scan Tool works very well with Land Rover and BMW vehicles, as well as others.

Some modern Mercedes Benz cars employ active suspensions. They have no springs, conventional shock absorbers, or anti-sway bars. We have a dealer level computer to diagnose these systems as we put them through rigorous tests to evaluate their performance and correct any malfunctions.

In these photos, notice the cable that connects the car to our computer; commands are sent on this cable from our computer (on the cart) to the car’s suspension components. The car’s suspension sensors report success or failure in executing the computer’s commands.