Extended Warranties


Is your factory warranty soon to expire? You’ll want to read this important information BEFORE it does! Autobahn Performance honors most 3rd party extended warranties. At Autobahn Performance, we sell and service most extended warranty contracts. We are Fort Lauderdale area’s #1 vehicle extended warranty sales and service. We are also licensed to sell extended warranty breakdown coverage contracts. We stand behind the most dependable automotive service plans in the business. We offer a range of automotive service plans for new and used vehicles that provide exceptional protection against repair costs while increasing resale value of your vehicle. Our plans are backed by more than 50 years of dependability and customer satisfaction. We offer a world-class service organization, marketing, training, and a complete line of services. Autobahn has plans to fit almost every vehicle and consumer budget. Call us today and let us put a service plan to work for you.

To File a Claim when your vehicle breaks down, take it to any reputable/licensed repair facility. You will need to provide the repair facility with a copy of your agreement.

Extended Warranty

CLAIM PROCEDURE: No repairs or machine work are to be started, or damaged parts to be discarded until failure is diagnosed and work is authorized by the administrator. It is your responsibility to have the failure properly diagnosed. You are responsible for authorizing the tear down and the inspection by the repair facility, but only to the point where the damage is visible or determinable. Your vehicle may be repaired at any licensed repair facility of your choice.

THE SERVICE MANAGER MUST 1. Obtain your authorization to inspect and/or tear down your vehicle in order to determine the cause of failure and cost of the repair. 2. Call the administrator to verify your coverage and to obtain a Claim Authorization Number. For Claims/Customer Service: 800-871-0467.

3. Review your coverage with you to explain what will be covered by the agreement and what portions of the repairs, if any, will not be covered.

WHEN YOU PICK UP YOUR VEHICLE, YOU MUST 1. Review the work performed with the service manager. 2. Pay the deductible amount shown in the Declaration Section per visit. 3. Pay for any charges not covered by the Agreement. 4. Have an authorization number. Have a signed and completed work form. This form will be provided to the repair shop by the administrator.

PAYMENT OR REIMBURSEMENT OF CLAIMS – PAYMENT OPTION: When the damage and repair falls within the scope of this agreement, and authorization to proceed with the repair is obtained from the administrator and the repair work is completed; we will then reimburse you or the repair facility for the approved cost of the work performed on your vehicle that is covered by this agreement less the deductible, if any. The administrator will arrange for such payment by check or nationally recognized credit card (usually Visa, Mastercard or American Express).

REIMBURSEMENT OPTION: You or the repair facility may claim reimbursement

from the administrator, by submitting the paid invoice to the address below. Claims must be submitted within 180 days from the administrator authorization date to qualify for reimbursement.

The following information must be included with your paid invoice and is generally supplied to you by the repair facility you selected. 1. Your mechanical complaint. 2. Itemized listing of replacement parts names, numbers and prices. 3. Description of labor and charges necessary to correct the mechanical failure. 4. Vehicle mileage. 5. Date of Repair. 6. Authorization and contract number. 7. Completed repair order (all applicable sublet repair bills). Rental car agreement charges (licensed rental agency only) will be reimbursed to you upon receipt by the administrator of the paid rental agreement charges.

We service extended warranty contracts in Broward County Florida, Oakland Park, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach and all of South Florida.