Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection


Call Autobahn Performance about our Pre-Purchase Inspection before you buy a used car (dealer or private). We have the experience and all the data on common problems with the vehicle you are considering. Autobahn’s used car inspection process can take anywhere between 15 minutes to 5 hours depending on the extent of the inspection. We recommend our standard 2 hour inspection. Our inspections consist of a 100+ point checklist. It includes, scanning the computers on the vehicle for codes (if equipped) detailing any known issues. We’ll check the frame for straightness, inspect for

BMW Used Car Checkup

previous damage (crash), test body and paint work with a paint thickness gauge, and thoroughly test drive it to determine if the car is driving and handling properly. And most importantly, if the car is safe.

“Appearances can be deceiving; be certain that used car you’re signing on the dotted line for is not just a big pile of costly problems.”

Whether stranger or friend, there may be an undisclosed reason ($$) the seller is selling that car. Let Autobahn show you what (if anything) needs fixing. With the inspection results, you could even renegotiate the price, or just get out of a bad deal that might later cost you thousands to repair, or loss of a friendship; not to mention the inconvenience of time in the repair shop.

Never buy a car because you like or trust the person, or you like the way it looks. And just because the car was well maintained and he has all the repair records, doesn’t mean it’s problem free.

BMW Pre Inspection

If it were that good of a car, he probably wouldn’t be selling it.

Your new-used car looks real nice on the tow truck too. Don’t take a chance, let Autobahn Performance check it out BEFORE you buy it, and save thousands of dollars and grief!

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